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Different business entities have legal compliances to be made considering the structure adopted by them to carry out their business. The requirements of compliance range from one-time, periodical to continuous. There are host of approvals, registrations and filings that are required when new businesses are set up. Indian exchange control regulations have significantly liberalized. However, they still have certain restrictions and compliance requirements on transactions on capital account.


The Indian financial institutions have a very conservative approach in lending to the business, either for working capital or for the long term. The businesses, therefore, require competent consultants to assist them in the area of corporate advisory in the above fields. PJC’s competent team is well suited for providing support to existing entities or for the entities to be incorporated.

In modern times, novel approaches have been adopted in valuation of businesses, intangibles and services. This not only requires updated knowledge about valuation strategies but also sufficient knowledge of the industrial segment. Comparative valuation requires utilization of corporate data across the segments.

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